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Company information

We are a company specializing in the manufacture of motorcycle crash bars. We have a wide range of crash bars, engine guards and other accessories for many motorcycles, which are shown on the website  www.gmole.com.pl.

Crash bars are metal protective tube shields that protect the engine if the motorcycle tips over or slide. They absorb a part of the energy to protect the engine from damage during a fall.

All of our crash bars are made of tubular steel, laser cut, bent on CNC machines. We use a TIG welding, everything is painted powder coated gloss black (most of the range).

Colour of our crash bars match the type of a motorcycle they are designed for.

We do our best to make the installation of our products as easy as possible.Our crash bars are fastened to the frame or engine by means of bolts and its installation does not interfere in the construction of the motorcycle.  We deliver the product together with all necessary mounting components such as screws, pins, etc. (not enduro handlebars)

Not only we design and manufacture the crash bars, but also sell them online to offer the best price and service to our customers.

Thanks to this way of distribution, every customer who is interested in our products may be informed directly and be sure that the product is made with precision and care of durability and fitting piping to the motorcycle.

In case of the damage of one side of piping, every our customer can order only a half of piping instead of buying a full set.



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